William K Wesley, MBA, JD FULL life BALANCE Books & Seminars

Are you looking for a Top Performance Management trainer for you or your organization? Want to make your sales team more profitable? William K. Wesley's Full Life Balance programs can increase performance, productivity and team engagement. For years William has provided clients with strong, solid coaching to help them put their life in balance and help their businesses thrive. Are you a doctor, attorney or business professional who wants to take your business and personal life to the next level? If so, contact William for a free 30-minute chat and overview assessment. William is a professional author, speaker and coach. He conducts Productive Wellness Training, Seminars & Keynote Presentations for audiences that include health care professionals, attorneys, entrepreneurs and business professionals. He provides individual and group coaching. William has written two books, Full Life Balance and The Four Factors of Happiness. Both are designed to help increase your life balance and happiness while boosting your productivity. William received his MBA and his JD (Doctor of Jurisprudence) from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, where he, as a professor, also taught Management Principles, Management Communication and Organizational Behavior. William received his BS in Business from the University of San Francisco. He is an authority on productivity, communication, presentation training, networking and life balance and has been featured and quoted often. William has conducted over 300 presentations and trainings for clients that include Kaiser, USAA, PG&E Meals of Wheels, North Bay Healthcare, Suisun City and T Mobile in addition to colleges, organizations and institutions of every type. William's methods are is based on his books, over twenty year of sales and sales management coupled with years of teaching business management techniques. The Full Life Balance Productive Wellness lifestyle works and will make you more productive, guaranteed. For a complimentary Productive Wellness Assessment, contact: William@fullifebalance.com.