Anna Hinds - Identity Based Nutrition

Anna Hinds is a Health Coach, certified with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Yoga Instructor, EFT Practitioner and Theophostic Prayer Facilitator. She has combined these modalities to create the program “Identity-Based Nutrition”, which is intriguing new approach to health, working with the underlying reasons that block people from experiencing their best health. “In my journey as a Health Coach, it didn’t take long for me to see food and exercise was only half the story of good health. It’s something important to do correctly in order to see results. The other half is learning how to work with our mind and emotions. Most people are unaware of how powerfully the mind and emotions affect the body and how much they can block us from experiencing the health we want. When I discovered EFT Tapping + some of the other modalities I use in my practice, I was blown away at how quickly it would help my clients overcome their mental and emotional blockages, like emotional eating, food cravings, resistance to exercise, self-sabotage and more.