Ineke Van Lint

Ineke Van Lint is a practicing psychologists for children and adults, and workshop leader. She holds a University degree in psychology, is an International Facilitator in Kinesiology, an International Instructor in Brain Gym (which is sometimes called Educational Kinesiology), and is a member of Mensa International. She's born in Ghent (Belgium) and lives and works in Luxemburg. Her mother tongue is Dutch. She is also fluent in French, English and German. Among other modalities and theories, Ineke has also been trained in: Kinesiology (Three in One Concepts) Brain Gym (Educational Kinesiology) Touch for Health Flower therapy of Dr. Bach Metamorphic massage Transactional Analysis Schulz Autogenous Training Science of Mind Symbolism of Disease Eutony CALL (enhanced learning) Brief Therapy Star Seeds Workshops And Individual Sessions Ineke’s list of current workshops – both for individuals and groups – is extensive and reflects her rich, diverse healing capacity. Currently, she is delivering workshops on: Flower Therapy of Dr. Bach Brain Gym (educational kinesiology) Metamorphic Massage Discover the Purpose of Your Life Free Your Potential and Create success The Seven Universal Laws Of Success Kinesiology Physionomy (study of facial traits) Silk Painting The Celestine Prophecy (spiritual growth) The Power Of Your Thoughts Inner Joy and Peace The 12 Steps To Abundance Psychological Counselling Educational Counselling Spiritual Guidance Guided Exercises To Find Inner Peace In The Relationship With One's Parents, Children, Family, Collegues.... If you’re interested in personally experiencing Ineke’s remarkable individual or group workshops, please visit the workshops page for more details. Personal and Family Ineke lives in beautiful Luxembourg, where in 2000 she was elected provincial councilor. In addition to her professional work, Ineke is raising four wonderful children, who she adores spending time with. Their names are: Thaïsa, Nikita, Manolito and Melina. Silk Painting Ineke is also an accomplished artist, and integrates her silk painting with her workshops. Due to popular demand, some of her silk paintings are for sale. Please visit the Silk Painting Gallery section of the website for more details. My Story If you want to know more about how Ineke came to be the person she is now, read her story.