I have been creating as long as I can remember!
My mother still tells anyone who will listen about how my bed was always covered with paper, fabric, crayons, scissors and pins, with me in the middle creating something!

I created my unique “Shredded Style” technic to put a fresh spin on traditional flannel rag quilts. I want it to be FUN! I like to make people Ohhhh! And Ahhhh! I like to make things simply and quickly, you may find my methods are a little different, but not difficult!
I'm kind of a Quilter Rule Breaker, if I had any "Quilting Police” around me when I came up with my idea for "shredded style" quilts they surely would have told me I couldn't do it that way! But I did it, and I love it! I write Tutorials, that means I TEACH YOU HOW with lots of closeup images, diagrams and tips!
I have always been one to “push the envelope” with my creations clearly seen in my Quilt and Bag patterns!