Jabali I Butler

Jabali I. Butler was born in Brooklyn N.Y. during the 1960's. The middle child of six, he became very creative with drawing, was a former DJ, an Underground Rapper, a Father and a Writer. Jabali started writing at the age of 10 as a way to express himself. In the beginning it was just poems. Then later in his early teens he began to write lyrics as a local rapper and D.J.. He traveled with a world-renowned mega-rap group during the 1990's into the early 2000's. He also made time to assist in raising four beautiful children. Becoming a Dad, working and other things took him away from his desire to write books for some time. The wisdom he's acquired over the years has resulted in writings that are now being presented to you to enjoy reading. His goal is simply to share useful information gathered over a lifetime pertaining to many aspects, while bringing you the facts and at times, his personal points of view. Like in his first book "The Real truth About things Men don't Openly Speak about" where he talks about how men and women do some ridiculous things to one another while making really bad choices. Especially when it comes to protecting their relationships and loving one another. Helping others to avoid pitfalls is a good way to give back that's enlightening, and empowering. With that, I hope you all enjoy my work and support the movement to spread information and knowledge. Expanding minds globally and become more conscious of things is the path to stay on. Respect and love for people, and love yourselves.