Jake Connor

Jake Connor graduated college and went on to become a Project Manager at a Fortune 500. After tearing his hair out with boredom, he discovered he can make passive income using the Internet. After making his first $20 online, he thought he could become a millionaire.

So in 2005, Jake quit his job to try and make it with an online business.

Unfortunately, that sucked worse. As a project manager Jake brought home mid 6 figures a year. His internet business struggled to bring home mid five figures a year at the same time he worked SEVEN days a week and often 18 hours a day.

Even though he was home, Jake found he had less time for his family. He eventually realized that the key to creating a successful online business was to create systems so things could run on it’s own. He also realized that the second most important thing was to learn how to drive TRAFFIC to his online business.

With that in mind, Jake tested every traffic strategy out there, and realized that the traffic he was getting from Reddit gave him the most value at the lowest possible cost.

He eventually refined his Reddit strategy until he was able to create a site, and drive 10’s of thousands of users and $1000’s of dollars in a matter of weeks using Reddit, at virtually no cost. Jake created “Reddit Sniper”, as his step by step guide, which shows you how he created a site that got 72K visitors, and made $1,300 in less then two weeks.

Today Jake lives a relaxed lifestyle with low stress. Besides creating his own websites, he also enjoys helping other entrepreneurs become more successful online.