James David Komanya

James D Komanya was born in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania in 3/1/1992. He is the only Son of Stella Abella Elias Lwakatare, and fifth child to his late father, David Jonathan Komanya. His older step-siblings are Nyanzala, Geoffrey, Oliver and Rhoda. He grew up in Dar Es Salaam City, Dodoma Municipality then shifted with family to Mwanza City. He studied At Kibeta English Medium Primary School (1999-2005), then at Bukoba Lutheran Secondary School (2006-2009) l in Bukoba Municipality, Kagera Region. Shifted back to Dar Es Salaam for High school studies at Tusiime High School(2010-2012) Currently, Living in Dar Es Salaam and studying MBBS degree third year at International Medical and Technological University(2012 to present). He is a Founder and CEO of roomkomanya.com an entertainment and health website. Also a proud team Leader of inspired talented Individuals At roomkomanya.com He loves medicine as career choice hoping to be a Sports Medical Doctor in the future, story writing as a hobby. He enjoys watching TV series, entertainment news and soccer.