Janet Lawson

Welcome to my profile page. I'm selling an eBook called A Journey Through Time with Hubble (PDF format). I received written permission to publish and sell my astronomy manuscript in 2009 and again in March 2015. In view of this, I have given this PDF a Standard copyright licence. A Journey through Time with Hubble takes the reader on a wonderful, colourful journey with the Hubble Space Telescope. Within the 173 pages are 153 images with explanations and descriptions covering the events in the life of the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as information on measuring the size of the Universe; the composition of the Universe; black holes; dark matter; stars; nebula; planets; galaxies and comets. I have also self-published a self-help paperback book for children 8+ called Pure Love. Synopsis: Nine year old Tansy is having a wonderful time travelling through the different spiritual realms of Heaven along with her beautiful Guardian Angel. Tansy spends time with dragons, fairies, mermaids and other elementals and she is shocked to find out that these wonderful fairytale characters are actually real and working alongside the people on Earth. Tansy swims with blue Dolphin Angels. She learns all about crystals, their wonderful energy and how to look after them. She visits the Archangels and learns about the different ways that angels can help the people and animals on Earth. Pure Love is a magical journey that is filled with lots of lovely lessons to help children see life from a higher perspective. Pure Love encourages the child to think in a positive, constructive way. Pure Love would be beneficial for children who have to face death at an early age, either through their own terminal illness, or the death of a relative, friend or pet. Pure Love takes away the scary aspect of death and turns it into a magical adventure. Pure Love brings forward the concept of the Mother/Father God energy being present within every person and everything in the Universe. Pure Love also encourages the child to consider intelligent forms of energy other than what can be seen by the physical eyes e.g. the Archangels and the wonderful Elemental energy that care for the different aspects of our Earth – the trees, flowers and the intelligent energy within crystals and water. Pure Love informs the child of which Archangel they should ask for help with bullying, abuse, an animal in need etc. I have also included a guided visualisation that the older child can follow if they want to make a stronger connection with their Guardian Angel. Pure Love is £4 GBP in PDF format or £7 GBP in paperback. Please contact me if you are interested in buying the paperback version. My qualifications are: Teacher of Angels, Ascension & Lemurian Planetary Healing with the Diana Cooper Foundation. Usui Reiki therapist. Bachelor of Science (BSc) Combined Studies - Health. Higher National Diploma - Photography