Jase Stuart - Men's Health Mentor

JASE STUART - MEN'S HEALTH MENTOR For as long as I can remember, I've been a passionate advocate of health and wellness. Like many Aussie kids, I grew up playing Rugby with mates in Winter and Cricket in Summer. More than anything, I loved hanging with the boys and the team spirit that brought. Some of my best friendships were forged on that footy field. If you asked me what the single most important priority in my life was, I'd say my health, second only to my family. I attribute much of the success (and luck) I have had in life to the fact that I embrace life. I am able to do that because I have remained committed to a healthful, positive lifestyle. More than any other type of exercise, I love training in the gym. This place is my shrine and a place where I can challenge myself to reach my limits. And it's a good thing that I enjoy it because food is my biggest vice. I simply love cooking and this love has developed massively since I completed a four year degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Newcastle. I understand food and I love manipulating recipes to make them both more healthful and tasty. I certainly feel that having access to beautiful, fresh, healthy food is a real luxury as I have travelled to many parts of the world where people aren't as lucky. With this in mind, I feel that we Westerners have a morale responsibility to look after our health because many others don't get that chance. I really believe in the role of food as medicine. I'm a massive advocate of using physical fitness to keep poor health at bay. And I am big on the belief that BALANCE in areas like sleep, socialising and self-development is the key determinant of an individual's happiness! You owe yourself this... Helping others and watching them experience improvements in their health warms my soul. That is the goal of this website. My first role as a Dietitian was as a corporte health coach with a fantastic, revolutionary company that specialised in blue-collar wellness programs. Endless days were spent in the lunch rooms of mining companies in Newcastle's Hunter Valley, trying to earn the respect and trust of my group participants. At the start, these guys were so sceptical about my intentions - 'he's going to tell us to go to the gym, stopping drinking beer and put us on a lettuce-only diet!' Yet by the end of our time together, we'd achieve an average 8-10kg weight loss which for a gent weighing 120kg, is a HUGE result. More than the weight loss, the improvement in energy levels, sleep quality and overall self-esteem these lads experienced was profound. And they were so thankful, sometimes emotional about someone caring so much about their health. And this is really where my passion for helping others improve their health was born. With the advent of the internet, it seems food, fitness and lifestyle have become the target of many self-identifed experts. Everyone's got an opinion and this opinion is fuelled by what we see, hear and read. Yet unfortunately much of what is preached lacks any credible scientific evidence and can in fact be detrimental to health. I believe in only paying attention to people that live and breathe the advice they offer you. Don't get caught up in the stuff you read before first checking the credibility of the source. Maintaining health in my opinion is in fact relatively simple - eat well, exercise often, sleep enough and don't stress too much. You get that right and you're ninety percent of the way there. I want to invite you to use this site as a way to put your health back on the agenda. We'll keep it simple and shoot straight from the hip! Contrary to the belief of some, adopting a healthier life is not about sterilising. It's about seeking balance and not taking yourself too seriously. Here's cheers to a happier, healthier you!