Jasmina Susak

Jasmina Susak is an award-winning artist who specializes in realistic graphite and colored pencil drawings. On this page you can find eBooks written and illustrated by the artist Jasmina herself. Scroll down to find drawing tutorials on how to draw animals, cars, people, objects, landscapes, flowers, superheroes and more. Find instructions for art, new drawing ideas, and easy step-by-step tutorials that are sure to level up your art. Every tutorial consists of 6-20 illustrations with short explanations for each step based on the author's personal experience. Since the author is a self-taught artist, the material is presented clearly with friendly instructions that everyone can follow, instead of like the stuff found in educational materials or many other how-to-draw books. These books also cover techniques for creating textures like fur, skin, shinny plastic or metal, and water or glass that are traditionally difficult to make appear realistic by using colored pencils. You’ll learn tips for blending colors and creating subtle gradients in your drawings. All aspects of working with colored pencils are covered, including layering, blending, burnishing, mixing and building up color, sketching, and shading. Drawing well is grounded in continue practice and patience and these books can provide endless opportunities to practice and develop your technique. Download full PDF files for only $1 - $2 and enjoy learning!