Victoria Ward

Victoria is the author of The Unconventional Life of Jenna Jaghe and is currently working on the sequel as well as studying for her MA in Writing for Performance and Publication. She is also collaborating on a theatre play. "Victoria Ward is a true comic visionary. Her imagination and wit sparkle on every page of her prose. She blends style and substance in a way that is the envy of most authors. We have only seen the nascent stages of a most promising career, and I await the publication of her works-in-progress". David Kowalczyk Editor, Gentle Strength Quarterly August 29, 2013 “Writing comedy is hard work, but Victoria Ward seems able to carry it off with a kind of nonchalant ease - or at least that's the impression she manages to give. 'The Unconventional Life of Jenny Jaghe' is a diary, but all resemblance to the old Adrian Mole version disappears within the first few pages. This is not a book to give to an elderly aunt. Instead, buy it and read it yourself" Peter Stuart Smith Bestselling author and speaker