Joe D Wells

Two worlds separated by time but on a course to meet. A King's treasure is at stake. Non stop action, adventure and thrills. They travel the world and through time. Key West, Memphis, Paris, London, Grand Cayman, Luxembourg and into the unknown. They defend against assassins who are after a child. Find out the secrets held by this child. Meet the Queen of Voodoo Village who helps save the child as other give their lives. Vladimir is a Russian Warrior recruited in 1917 to safe guard the future of a kingdom. Jack Rivers is an investment banker recruited by the Pakistanis in modern times to find Vladimir and his secretes. There is grave robbing in Key West. There is death in New Orleans. There is a bar fight in Paris. There are assassins around most corners. There is money in the sea. What kind of story is this? You will find adventure, romance, family drama and espionage. You will find loyalty from unlikely people in the face of their own demise.