Jonathan Pidduck

Jonathan Pidduck is a British author of humorous fantasy/horror titles. He is married, with 3 children, and lives in Ramsgate, Kent. He has had approximately 36,000 e-book downloads to date, in addition to his paperback sales. His books include 3 humorous fantasy titles ("Slave-Girls and Amazons", "Cave-Trolls and Amazons" and "The Halfshaft Games"), along with 3 black-humoured horror titles ("The Wedding Feast", "Tethered", and "The Last of the Neanderthals"). The Wedding Feast has also been translated into Italian and Turkish ("Il Banchetto Nuziale" and "Neandertaller"). His most recent book, "The Halfshaft Games", the third book of the "Amazons" series, was published on 22nd September 2013. The next e-book will be "The Craving", a horror story, due for publication on 8th June 2014.