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Jonel Juste is a Haitian-born journalist and writer. Juste worked as a senior journalist in Haiti for many years. From 2007 to 2011, he served as an editor-in-chief for the Haitian monthly magazine “Vues d’Haiti”, and the daily news website, Haiti Press Network. After moving the US in 2011, he first wrote for the Haitian American news website "The Haiti Sentinel", and then served as a reporter and columnist for The Reporter, the Miami-Dade College’s newspaper. Since 2013, he publishes a socio-cultural rubric in Le Floridien, a Haitian American newspaper. He's now completing his Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication at Florida International University (FIU). As a writer, he published a poetry book titled "Carrefour de Nuit" (Crossroad) in 2012 and Joseph, Prince d’Egypte (Joseph, Prince of Egypt) in 2013.