Joylight Transformational Coaching

Joy Leng has been empowering heart-centered women since 2005 when she started one of the first pole dancing studio, SensUal Joy, in Singapore. With her experience in empowering women through body awareness, she took on further education, to be better equipped, to empower women, through a body * mind *spirit philosophy. With her BA in psychology, certifications in Choice Theory, NLP and DiSC psychometric profiling, this International Coach Federation (ICF) certified life coach founded Joylight Transformational Coaching. Her latest joy is being trained and certified as a warrior goddess facilitator by Heather Ash Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training. Joy’s latest book, ‘From Zero to Shakti’, a woman’s search for rebirth and redemption, is available on Amazon. Much of her zest in empowering women comes from a lifelong struggle with a sense of worthlessness as an adopted child. After surviving a failed suicide attempt as a child, she also went into depression from being in several dysfunctional relationships in later years. However, with faith, fortitude and determination, she not only survived by working diligently on her mental resilience, she also thrived through PL@Y! using dance and creative methodologies. Today, she has a burning vision, of empowering one million Shaktis-on-Fire, to do three million good deeds, by her 48th birthday. She meditates daily and is committed to her full/new moon rituals. She is obsessed with body painting even though she considers herself hopeless at art!