John Shaw

Hi, my name is John Shaw and I don’t have any formal medical, dietary or nutritional training or qualifications however I do have some life experience which includes being overweight, bordering on obese, for a number of years and I’ve shed nearly 20 kilos. For the greater part of my life I worked as a sales rep, travelling every day to a new part of the country, away from home and, of course, away from all the good things that come with home life, things like good nutritious food and a healthy, balanced diet. For the most part my diet consisted of “fast food”, things that I could purchase at whatever fast food outlet was close to me at the time. Chips, French fries as our American friends call them, were my favourite and I found that a bag of chips became my lunch every day, they were easy to get, didn’t cost much and I could eat them while I was driving without getting food all over my suit. For my evening meal it would, more often than not, be more of the same with a pie or two or some deep fried chicken or fish and a glass or three, or four, of cheap wine. You can imagine I’m sure the condition, not only of my body but also of my health after 20+ years of this abuse. I got a wake-up call after a routine visit to my doctor who ordered some blood tests and later confirmed that I had type 2 diabetes. His prescription? “John you need to give up the booze and get more exercise, cut down on the sugar and lose a few kilos”. As many of you will know it isn’t easy to change the habits of a lifetime, to stop eating and drinking the things you love, to take the dog for a walk every night, even when it’s raining [the dog doesn’t mind the rain], to give up the grog when it’s been a part of your life for twenty or thirty years however it can be done, I’m proof of that, and you can do it too. The reason you’re looking at this book is, I assume, because you’re also in a situation where you either need to lose some weight for medical reasons or you want to because you’re sick of looking the way you do, take heart, get your copy of this book “Weight Loss Success” and, together with many, many more people who feel the same way as you, start to get, and keep, the body you’ve always wanted or perhaps the body you had but have lost somewhere along life’s journey. John.