Kale Good

Is your name really Kale? How do you feel about being named after a dark, leafy green? Yes, my name is really Kale. It is not short for anything, you can check my birth certificate. (and yes, my last name is Good). I'm not named after a dark, leafy green. I'm named after this man. As for how I feel about that, I don't mind being named after someone who was struck by lightning and lived. What is your most memorable gig? I had the opportunity to play the first-ever Vapor Trail 125 mountain bike race in Colorado. The race was 125 miles, started at midnight, and included 20,000 feet of climbs for the racers-it took more than 12 hours for the first-place rider to cross the finish line. I played as the competitors walked their bikes up an incredibly rocky part of the course (at 2 am) (at 10,000 ft up a mountainside). Whats your favorite part of teaching? The people I meet. For me, teaching is necessary to be a balanced musician. I'm a pretty even split between an introvert and an extrovert. Practicing gives me time to recharge my batteries and center myself. Teaching gives me that opportunity to meet and get to know people-it inspires me and recharges my batteries in a different way. Whats the craziest thing you've ever done? I once hitchhiked from Colorado to Allentown. I got home in 5 rides and 2½ days! It gave me lots of stories; handing out dozens of left-over ice-cream cakes to everyone at a truck stop, being picked up by grandparents who traveling further than 60 miles outside their hometown for the first time to see their granddaughter compete in the junior Olympics- they had never picked up a hitchhiker before, but pitied me because I was being eaten alive by the INSANE Kansas mosquitoes. I was also dropped off outside St. Louis at exactly the same truck stop that a flat tire had forced me to slept in during a road trip a few years before and, from there, lucked into a ride that took me all the way to Allentown, PA. Got any hobbies? What do you do when you're not doing music? I like to cook and I like the outdoors, but I don't spend enough time doing either. I do play chess a fair amount-one of my favorite parts of this is going to the park to play; I get to meet people I'd never run into otherwise. I also get a kick out of fixing things and building things (doesn't really matter what) and seem to have picked up a bit of a houseplant habit over the past few years. My Selected Street Cred: Teaching since 2006 Bachelors Degree in Classical Guitar Performance, Bachelors Degree in Music Theory, Temple University 2010. Presentation on Listz's B Minor Piano Sonata at 2010 Music Theory Society of The Mid-Atlantic annual meeting. Composition for solo flute performed by Cynthia Folio at 2010 Glaux Contemporary Music Concert Studies with Patrick O'Brien, faculty member at Juilliard.