Nenad Simic

NENAD SIMIĆ (6th Dan – Rokudan, ETKF – ITKF) Nenad Simić was born in 1970, in Belgrade (Serbia). By the end of 80’s and the beginning of 90’s, of the last century, he was a successful competitor, and a member of the national team, who won medals in individual and team competitions (kumite), at junior, and senior karate championships of Serbia, Yugoslavia, and Europe. At that time, he was also a champion (in his category) of the “Selection Tournament for establishing the national selection” and the most successful fighter at the “Absolute Championship of all Republics of (former) Yugoslavia” (1989). Because of his merits he was also introduced into the national lexicon, Who is Who in Serbia. Besides being an instructor in traditional Shotokan karate, he is the author and editor of the following books: Karate Do - The Great Japanese Martial Art; Samurais – The History of the Warrior Class (book I); Samurais – Philosophy of the Warrior Class (book II); Masutatsu Oyama – the Man of the Accomplishments; The Golden Book of Japanese Karate (books: I, II, and III).