Alboukadel Kassambara is a PhD in Bioinformatics and Cancer Biology. He works since many years on genomic data analysis and visualization. He created a bioinformatics tool named GenomicScape ( which is an easy-to-use web tool for gene expression data analysis and visualization. He developed also a website called STHDA (Statistical Tools for High-throughput Data Analysis,, which contains many tutorials on data analysis and visualization using R software and packages. He is the author of the R packages survminer (for analyzing and drawing survival curves), ggcorrplot (for drawing correlation matrix using ggplot2) and factoextra (to easily extract and visualize the results of multivariate analysis such PCA, CA, MCA and clustering). You can learn more about these packages at: Dr. Kassambara is the author of three books: i) Practical Guide to Cluster Analysis in R; ii) Guide to Create Beautiful Graphics in R (at:; and iii) Complete Guide to 3D Plots in R (at: