Kathy Stevens

I am an author, entrepreneur and area director for Giant Step Programs, a non-profit organization which mentors at risk youth in my local area. I have overcome many obstacles in my life including a huge tax debt. In 2008 the I.R.S. came knocking on my door. They informed me they were going to garnish my wages if I didn't pay my back taxes. I knew I couldn't lose my wages so I went to work researching my options. Out of my desperation to save my wages and get out of debt comes this book. Here I share 10 strategies for getting out of tax debt. *Disclaimer: Because of the ever changing tax laws, this book is only for the 2016-2017 tax year. Please look for an update next year. In addition please note I am not a tax professional and you should always consult your attorney before implementing any of the strategies outlined here.