Hello, I have always had a gift, I was born psychic. I can sense and see things sometimes just by looking at a picture. From that, I became more spiritual. I been reading s from childhood for friends & family for free. Suddenly realized I could be really providing a service. So began readings and castings, locally. I always do all I can to help any client. Now, I been selling services online, so more people that would like my services can try! I even offer free services at time. I can't always, as very time consuming. The readings and spells I proved are powerful, all done at different levels. I do custom spells. I am very understanding and honest. You can message me first, and if feel i can help you, I will begin working for you! If however I feel you need more professional help, I WON'T assist you. I also have a day job. I work as a counsellor & life coach. I mainly work with couples and younger people. I love doing all I can to help things for people. Me being naturally psychic, it means I am able to see more clearly the path you should be going on. kb_services_helpingyou@outlook.com anytime, I usually message within a day, unless really busy. Check these stuff here, all great, effective totally personalize for you! If you want any other services chances are, I can do it, just message first!