Hi, I'm Keith Fairfield and at 57 (see photo' age 67) these exercises were key in rebuilding my body after a serious road traffic accident took me out for over two years. Exercises I had learned at the age of 16, inspired by the "ISO" masters like Charles Atlas, George F Jowett and Alexander Zass (The Amazing Samson). Isometrics are used in the physical fitness training of the US Marines, the S.A.S. and other "special forces". Todays athletes and their coaches swear by isometrics. Exercise techniques I have used all my life and now made available as an ebook as well as the ISO-MICRO-GYM hard copy. Over two years of pain and inactivity causing muscle wastage and unwanted fat following a serious car accident, and a major operation to place two titanium cages in my neck my body faced a challenge, but with these AMAZING isometric and isotonic exercises and having to start off gently it still took only 12 weeks to get my body back in shape, EVEN AT 57. And now at 72 still benefiting from the daily routine