Kevin J. Parsons

Kevin J. Parsons – Biography He is an independent Producer, Director, Writer and Editor of various disciplines. Kevin joined Freelancer Technology Pty Limited (ACN 142189759) in December, 2011 and was awarded with a “5 Gold Star” rating for his services as a Ghostwriter for feature films’ and books’ of various genres. His style of writing is dogmatic (stylized as his “system”), which arose as a result of his writing skills which stem from Feature Film Screenplay writers’ Syd Field, Andrew Horton and Ronald B. Tobias to mention but a few and his experience within the Theatre Industry. Kevin’s primary goal is to transport the reader or viewer into the world of the “Protagonist,” where they would then experience the moods and the emotions of the character being depicted, i.e. appeal to the emotive side. Making you the reader of his “Book” or viewer of his “Feature Film” become the “Hero,” of the “Character Centered narrative.” He later married Miss. Anneke M. Burger on December 28, 2013. Mrs. Anneke M. Parsons has subsequently, become his personal assistant and they are happily married and reside in South Africa.