Kingdom Financial

Donald A. Galade has been an income and retirement planning specialist since 1987. Once Christ got a hold of his life, things changed forever, including the way he ran the practice. His focus has changed from seeking fortune to telling the good news as it relates to how we are to utilize what God has given us. He has been known to preach the word or proctor a Bible study class and is a Former staff member and music director for Faith Assembly of God, located in West Hazleton, Pennsylvania. He attended Wilkes College in Wilkes-Barre, PA where he studied classical musical performance, and is owner/operator of Genesys Productions (intentionally spelled that way), which specializes in the production of Christian music for the band Less of Us. Less of Us released their first CD “More of Him” on September 10, 2011 ( Don is also vice president of the Hazleton Chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life, a Pro-Life advisory group whose goal is the preservation and sanctity of life from womb to tomb. The Lord has blessed him with a wonderful wife Cheryl and three amazing children this would not have been possible. Founded in 2004, Galade Financial Services, Inc. is a full service estate and income planning firm located in Northeast Pennsylvania, utilizes a Bible based approach to financial planning. Don is a licensed insurance professional in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia. He also is President and CEO of GFS, Financial Advisors, LLC. A Registered Investment Advisor firm which performs wealth management and estate planning based in Drums, PA. For many years he has helped those approaching or currently in retirement with a proactive conservative approach to saving. He specializes in tax planning, estate -planning, asset preservation and income planning for his clients.