Mario Cavett

Mario Cavett has worked as a Writer, Illustrator and Independent Comic Publisher with Elance that spans ten years. His epic work as an Editor/Art Director for 123RF USA LLC was first published back in 2005. Nominated as #1 Contributor within the ranks of 123RF USA LLC he is a real talent within the Art Industry. Mario Cavett's work has ended up on several broadcast outlets such as the BoldBrush, Internationally recognized by the New York Times- Web Comics Nation,, and internationally known On The Net Artist Showcase. He designed and illustrated for a timeworn International Art Collective, He has been published and did projects for internationally known Neo-oasis Science Fiction Magazine, which won the Prix Aurora Award in 2007 and 2009. He founded in 2014 his own Comic Publication Mario Cavett Comics. Well in the Year 2000 I started drawing and later that year I began painting using watercolor I was then confident enough to put my Art on the internet. Dark Fantasy greatly inspires me, and I use a painting technique Chiaroscuro. I also create comics, along with short stories, Video game directing, and many more things I am involved in that includes a 14-year career in Marketing with an MBA in Marketing Management, and I am currently getting my Ph.D. in Marketing. Inspired by Alan Lee and John Howe, and their work on the Lord of the Rings Movies is what I am they are great. I now take care of my father and living the starving artist lifestyle looking to break into this vast industry called Fine Art. My training in educating also consists of Graphic Design and Multimedia and Visual Communications, so I have been formally trained. I stick to a traditional style and tend to leave digital touching up alone to maintain the Freehand feel I know there to be nothing creative about 100% digital work. My artwork is Dark Fantasy painting with a contrast of Darkness that can be mistaken for nothing but the Chiaroscuro style. I am influenced more by Alan Lee than anyone else he has a penciling style that I study daily and have become richer because of it. My process is simple I use natural brushes and watercolor paints along with a quick sketch that is undefined until I use color to define it. It's very spontaneous and diverse as can be because it drives a naturally that is very unseen today and it is a timeworn fashioned way to look at visual communication however it's the most useful. My pieces are always done in a 8 x 10 size in at about 300 DPI; I can also use Microsoft picture to enhanced the color and resolution without selling the painting with digital tools except for tons I use them to improve the Darkness and contrast of the photos. My premise is a ridiculous idea that I have created and my Mythology that I have created as well my price range for my paintings are between 500 to 1,000 but when exposed to a National audience. My value will go up, and people will be willing to look at me as a Fine Artist people from the ages of 30 to 60 and up, people who collect art and recognize the genre of Dark Fantasy, which is demographic. I create limited and open edition prints whatever people are willing to buy mostly just the limited unless I am asked to do otherwise my version sized will vary upon request my medium is watercolor nothing else. There is only one real way to become credible as a "Fine Artist" and that is by becoming organized with an organization that is willing to endorse you. I have entered contests such as this one, and I have seen independent success with my paintings because I mainly do Dark Fantasy frowned on by the Fine Art world which is another planet if you ask me which is awesome because it is attractive because of this exclusivity. I am trying to change the art world and redefine the way people look at Fine Art by using Dark Fantasy as a mothership so to speak. I sell my work by using several online platforms the most current is DeviantArt next month it will probably be Etsy it changes from month to month. I market in to promote my artwork by using Viral Marketing on social media, online galleries, wholesale. I am averaging about one piece a month I am a Marketing expert which is a lucky thing and understand that security in Art can only exist by having an organization endorse you like I hear good things from various people. I have no Licensing on my art Just a copyright for printing and products you are getting the idea I am completely independent. I have been a finalist in the bold brush competition thrown by fast once, and that's about it I am still involved in worldwide competition every year thousands of people try to win such things. I have made the comment that getting hit by lighting is easier with a 700,000 plus probability in my profile I have mentioned all of my notable public mentions. I began my career in Marketing as an Affiliate Marketer with Entrepreneur :Affiliate Marketing, 2000 – present which was later changed into a FineArt Gallery in 2015. CROSSMARK, Inc. Marketing Manager, 2012 – 2014 Crossmark, Inc., stylized as CROSSMARK, is a sales and marketing services company that operates within the consumer goods industry.The company was established in 1905 by Willis Johnson and E. Leslie Hunt in Fort Smith, Arkansas as a provision supply point for groups traveling to the Oklahoma Territory. Crossmark contributes research and data to the Food Marketing Institute.The company serves grocery, mass, club, drug, convenience store, and home improvement channels. Vector Marketing Corporation Multi-Level Marketer, 2008 – 2010 Multi-Level Marketing is one type of direct selling. Most commonly, the salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing. My recent ventures include becoming a King Human Elite member and becoming a full-fledged Entrepreneur.