Emily O'Brien

Emily O’Brien has been knitting since she was 12 years old. Emily went to school for theatre design but ended up putting those design skills into knitwear instead! Emily focuses on creating patterns that are not just beautiful finished objects but also really fun and addicting to knit. Her designs are inspired by architectural details, things that are cute, and beautiful yarns playing together. She has been featured in Knit Picks Collections, I Like Knitting, Knit Now, and has popular self-published patterns on Ravelry. Emily lives in Louisville, KY with her husband Chad and a menagerie of 1 dog (Buttercup), 3 cats (Ash, Albus, and Porch Cat), 1 rabbit (Oswald), and about 20,000 honeybees. Aside from yarn, Emily loves both kitties and cupcakes.

You can find her on Instagram as @kittywithacupcake

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Occasional vlogs can be found on her YouTube channel.

Emily is also one of the hosts of the Fuck This Knit Podcast.