Kostas Andreadis

Author in Greek language of a book “A Manual for Underwater Guiding” https://www.facebook.com/guidedivingmanual in which he writes about all of his experience and passion for scuba diving. He presented a lot of original technical scuba diving articles in Greek, while simultaneously translating and presenting various articles by foreign writers. His articles have been published in newspapers, magazines, leaflets and on the Internet. He is the creator of the ''Conduct Code'' for scuba divers. He is the instigator of the ''Scubathlon'', an innovative sport conducted exclusively with breathing apparatus machines, and ''Powerscuba'', a vigorous exercising program for divers in a swimming pool. In the scuba diving community Kostas is one of the most famous divers in Greece with 25 years of experience, he is characterized by his educational training, his passion for conveying his knowledge to his students and his transmissibility in the teaching of scuba diving.