Rishabh Dubey 'Kridious'

Rishabh Dubey is a young author, philanthropist and media entertainer residing in the city of Mumbai, India. Being exposed to the articulate literary deft of his family since a very young age, especially to that of his father, Dr. T.P. Dubey ‘Manish’, the renowned and celebrated multilinguistic author, Rishabh developed a persistent affinity and an incessant passion for writing. He wrote his first book (Krikos: The Vertical Horizon) at the budding age of 15, though he could not publish it till much later. His first officially published book, entitled ‘The Mangoman’, is having a good run at the international readers’ market. Also, being an innate philosopher and an advocate of creativity, he also likes to indulge in interactive orations and various types of social-media entertainment. He is currently also pursuing the five-year technical-management course at NMIMS, Mumbai, so that the subsequent skills acquired might professionally aid his propaganda of providing