Lowell Taylor - Keep USA Great , LLC - The Prophetic Playbook - GOD and Our Future

Lowell Taylor loves Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ our Savior, and the Holy Ghost. He also loves his family, friends, and has a great love and concern for people in general. 
Knowing Christ will return in power and glory, Lowell wanted to know the general order the Bible prophetic events of our day will play out.
One night back in 1998, Lowell had a wonderful experience in which he was blessed to make some wonderful connections and correlations in the Book of Revelation. That night Lowell felt an unquenchable desire to go on a journey with God to understand the general order the Bible prophetic events of our day would play out. He felt impressed not to go to the commentaries at that time. Instead, he felt God wanted him to read the scriptures and walk with God to find the general order. 
After about two years into that journey Lowell was led to the discovery of finding the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation refer to the same succession of eight kings leading up to the return of Christ in power and glory. That discovery unlocked the floodgates of understanding. Just in the book, The Prophetic Playbook Story, there are over 50 Huge, Major, Astonishing, and or Significant BIBLE Signs Insights Discovered and or pointed out. 
Lowell is on a crusade to share these wonderful discovereies and insights and the great news of finding many people will have a bright amazing future. He wants you, your family, and loved ones to be among them.
Enjoy the journey of learning about the Biggest, Greatest, BIBLE Signs Insights discoveries of our lifetime!
Use your prayerful insights to work with God and your family and loved ones for a bright wonderful future.