Venkatraman Kasinathan

Retired Kamadhenu Additives & Chemicals India India Staying At present in Bangalore-India. Retired as Paint Manufacturing Consultant. I did my Chemical Engineering from Osmania University-Hyderabad-Andhrapradesh(Now Telengana)-India First I sarted my carrier in 1971 with ICI paint CO as Superindent,Manufacturing-14 years. I worked as General Manager in SouthField Paints in Bangalore-2 years.Here i developed paints for Aircrafts-mostly jet fighters(Defence). Then came a stint of Paints manufacturing-6 years. I was paint manufacturing consultant for 12 years. Retired from working career in 2005. At present Self employed-Making additive for Paint Industry'. Learnt Basics of Computer from my Grandson in 2005 only. Programming is my hobby. Proficient in Visual C++,VB.Net,Html,xml,Bat,Python.A little of php. Trying my hand at more things. At my best in WPF VB.Net C-Pad Style. C-Pad style is solely my creation. My usual articles are at:- **************************************************************************************�entry2124851 Page1 DreamInCode�entry2129630 Page2 DreamInCode Page3 DreamInCode **************************************************************************************