Talbot Epic Press

The love for reading came from an early age when my parents read for me children’s books and later when I learned to read I devoured any book I could hold my hands on!. The turning point for my immersion into epic fantasy was buying the Lord of the rings centenary edition at 1992 for the one hundred years from the birth of J R R Tolkien. From then on slowly and with my small teenage (and later student) allowance I grew my library and now it includes more than a hundred books (and many more comics) most of them on epic fantasy. My first attempts on creating stories where the background information I made for my rpg characters (mainly AD&D 2nd edition) which I tried to make as elaborate as I could although for many years I haven’t wrote anything down. It was five years ago when I begun writing down an epic campaign in the Birthright world setting of TSR, which I grew to like and expanded with stories we didn’t roleplay. But serious writing was done when I was searching for a new rpg setting when I decided to make one of my own and wrote its history and timeline. As the information grew I realized that there were many stories I could write to make my world, Land of Oyr, feel alive and real. Also, I decided to make the tribute series with short stories dedicated to great authors I have read and shaped my taste in writing while introducing the world to them. Thus I published recently my first book a tribute to R E Howard a classic Conan sword & sorcery story and there are many to follow and I have plans for a larger novel and an even larger heptalogy (!) where land of Oyr will be reshaped by cataclysmic events! I am also a self-publisher and had learned in the past few months before I publish the gigantic effort is needed to publish, where writing is only a small percentage of the effort! In day life I am married with a boy of four months old I work in a bank and suffer as a regular person ordinary routine until I become a famous writer! I compete in HEMA events swords fighting being another great love of mine and between or besides all these activities I listen to epic metal music.