Laurel Anthenat

I started reading the Bible for myself as a child. The more I read the more I realized what I was reading did not line up with what I was being taught in church. The most faith shaking question came to me was, when I found that there were satyrs mentioned in the Bible? [Is 13:21, 34:14 c.f. Lev 17:7; 2 Chro 11:15] If the Bible is a book of truths? Why are these pagan mythological creature in it? To my shock no one in my Church had an answer. I began searching for answers. Thinking my pastor and the leaders of my church where just stupid or something, I attended Bible college. I learned a lot. However no one there knew or care about the satyrs. Thus began my journey into all things odd in the Bible. Then my husband and I met an old retired (I thought at the time ancient) missionary Rev. George Birch, who had graduated from the same Bible College, I swear in the year ONE (it was really 1919).  He could answer any question, except the satyrs, that one he admitted having known at one time but had forgotten what it was. He said the reason seemed simple and unimportant. (He suggested I look in older theology books, he knew it would be there.) The one day in a used book store I found the book. Mythology of the Babylonian People – by Donald A Mackenzie, published in 1915, page 333. The satyrs are what the ancients called the Little Dipper. They dance around the North Star every night. What Isaiah is saying is that after Babylon falls the stars will still turn in their places. Now I am the old person with the knowledge of a life time of study, and it is time to start writing it all down.