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Advanced Dragon Studies (Ember Academy for Magical Beings Book One)


Basics of Magical Bonds (Ember Academy for Magical Beings: Book Two)


Advanced Mermaid Politics (Ember Academy for Magical Beings: Book Three)


Foundational Dragon Law (Ember Academy for Magical Beings: Book Four)


Interspecies Social Studies (Ember Academy for Magical Beings: Book Five)


Engineered Rebel: Books 1-6


Castaway Heart: The Complete Trilogy


About Me

Some say she's an ancient creature of nightmare that was unleashed from beneath the ocean, come to devour the souls of men. Others say that she's a cosmic being from the beyond the stars that has taken corporeal form to learn our ways for some unknown end...

In truth, L.C. Mawson lives in a tower in the middle of a haunted forest, far from civilisation and is definitely not a witch who curses those who trespass upon her land. And she definitely cannot turn into a dragon that flies over cities in the dead of night and whose cries are often mistaken for an approaching storm. Where did you hear that? That's absurd...

The only contact she has with humanity is publishing a book every so often, which is definitely just for fun and not part of an ancient contract with a trickster god.