Food, Fear & Freedom

I’m Lisa Wells and this is Food, Fear & Freedom. I developed this plan as a way to cope with and overcome overeating, emotional eating and binge eating. I lived with food addiction for over 10 years and I found by using these strategies I was able to overcome the disordered eating patterns that would consume me every day. The food eating thing began shortly after I had my first baby. I was overcome with such intense love for this little human and I felt under prepared for what I was meant to do to take care of him. When things were tough, like not sleeping through the night and having trouble getting the hang of feeding I fell into a heap, because I didn’t have any coping strategies within me that could help me. Chocolate became my coping strategy. And it worked for a little while. But it wasn’t a long term solution for what I actually needed. What I actually needed was to connect to my inner self, I needed to face myself emotionally and I needed to love myself anyway, regardless of what I was going through. It would take me over 10 years to realize that. What a journey it has been and I wouldn’t change one thing if it meant I couldn’t be who I am, here today, standing here talking to you about this I FEEL certain that these strategies can help you get through what you are going through with food I FEEL certain that these strategies can help you overcome your fears, the fears that keep you bound to this unhelpful, repetitive and destructive eating behavior I FEEL certain that you can achieve the food lifestyle choices, the health and vitality you desire by making small consistent steps towards where you want to be