Ma Devi

Ma Devi is a sacred storyteller and storykeeper, and an initiate into the sacred traditions of India, Egypt, Tibet and beyond. She has a degree, many certifications, and has travelled three continents, but ulltimately, she loves being mother to a Princess and helping women move from Shame to Love. Ma empowers women from around the world into authentic embodiment – whatever fluid expression that may be. Her embodiment-du-jour is that of a spiritual introverted romantic creative who prefers chocolate to chia, walking away to claws, grace to trust, flowing to tight, purple to green, and pasta to paleo. Ma offers Goddess Manifests private sessions to help you bring loving healing to your heart’s doubts and help you embrace its each and every desire. Ma also offers Goddess Clarity intuitive readings to help you move from overwhelm and despair, reconnect with yourself and find the right path for you. As a sacred storykeeper and intuitive guide, she helps you embrace the Goddess within, using Her archetypal stories to guide your choices with love, family and career.