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GOOD VIBES: The New Novel by Maggie Taylor

Merry Beasley and Kenna McKenzie are longtime best friends in their senior year of high school during the 90s, but when tragedy hits on Halloween, it separates them forever. A decade later, both living in New York - though unaware the other is there - they each come to terms with what happened that night, and eventually meet once again to make things right.

Alexis Byers was one half of a pair of aviation twins, but when her sister dies in a plane accident, she finally feels free. When Alexis meets Merry, a longtime fan, the two form a bond and learn about sisterhood in ways you'd never expect.

GOOD VIBES is about sexuality, identity sisterhood, the afterlife and grief. It will leave you crying over the past, but happy to see what the future can hold.

GOOD VIBES is scheduled to release in Fall of 2021.



The Void


You Ruined Everything


Girls Are Bad At Math


F Immortality


Milly & The Ghost


For(eclosed) The Birds Print


Demotivational Sticker Pack

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My name is Maggie Taylor. I'm a 32 year old lesbian, author and artist. I currently reside in New Mexico with my longtime girlfriend and our numerous dogs and cats where I make novels, prints, stickers, graphic novels and loads more! You can subscribe to my Patreon to support me monthly, tip me over at Ko-Fi or visit my main website at Pig Gut. Thanks for liking my work, and I hope it helps you if you're suffering from depression or any myriad of mental health related issues as I am. Currently only shipping in the US. Please contact for other shipping options outside the United States.