Mahmoud Shalaby

I have obtained the degree of B.A. in Arts and Education in English Section at Alex University. Work Experience Information 1) Period: From July 2004 until now in Ministry of Education. // Duties include: English teacher and supervisor 2) Period: From July 2014 until now in International Academy for Education, Training & Development (Dr. Waleed Salah El-Din) Duties include: a coach or a trainer Training & other courses 1- Professional Doctorate in Business Administration 2- Professional Doctorate in Human Resources Management 3- Professional Doctorate in Total Quality Management 4- Professional Doctorate in Educational Administration 5- Professional Doctorate in Behavioral and Analytical Psychology 6- Professional Doctorate in Computer and Information Systems 7- Professional Doctorate in Graphology, Parapsychology and Human Energy 8- Professional Doctorate in Human Development and Human Sciences 9- Professional Doctorate in Family, Student and Professional Counseling 10- Master in Human Energy 11- Mini Master in Business Administration 12- Mini Master in Human Development 13- Practitioner in Human Energy 14- Diploma in Human Energy 15- Diploma in Business Administration 16- Diploma in Human Development 17- Diploma in coaching 18- Diploma in TOT 19- Diploma in TEFL 20- Diploma in TOEFL 21- Several Diplomas in Administrative Sciences 22- Several Diplomas in Human Sciences 23- Several Diplomas in Islamic Sciences Study Places 1- Ain Shams University 2- Wales International University 3- Boston University 4- Canadian Training Center of Human Development (Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky ) 5- International Accreditation Organization(American Organization) 6- Cambridge International Academy 7- Redvey Academy 8- International Academy for Education, Training & Development.(Dr. Waleed Salah El-Din) Professional Membership 1- Member of the Syndicate of Teachers 2- Member of the School of Human Development at Wales International University 3- Member of the College of Business at Wales International University 4- Member of the Canadian Training Center of Human Development 5- Member of the International Academy for Education, Training & Development Voluntary Action and Social Service Member of a Charitable Organization Political Practice 1- Founding Member of a political party Al Nour Party 2- Active Member of a political party May 2011 until Dec. 2014 3- Associate Member of a political party now Sports Activities Member of a Youth Center Social Activities: I have accounts almost on all social media.