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Terms Of Service

Do not claim as your own

Do not publish on other platforms

Do not use as base, repacks, commission or any other paid content UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE (example: Miqo'te makeup dev, Viera makeup dev are free to use for all contents even paid)

Do not use outside XIV

Do not copy, trace or paint

Do not use to represent minors or minor looking characters in NSFW/erotic settings

Do not use to represent homophobia, transphobia, racism, zoophilia/bestiality or any other hateful content

All purchases are final and not refundable

Private edits are okay

Do not use my textures, even for ports.I bake myself most of the textures, if you port to another body, do not include textures.

If you wish to port / resize for a race / body / other gender feel free to do so

If you wish to commission a third party other than Corvus please purchase a second item before sending to your commissioner.

BIBO+ PORTING - Do not port to:

  • Hyacinth+

GEN3 PORTING - Do not port to:

  • Eve body
  • Freyja body
  • Pythia body
  • Apr├Ęs Moi body
  • Ulli derivates
  • Noffletoff's derivates (Small Tiddy, Noffs Small Breats, Andro Gen 3)

Do not port to Lalafell

If you wish to share your port, contact me beforehand

I use the following combo for my OC and therefore my mods:

  • Lithe+ XS chest
  • Lithe+ torso
  • Lithe+ vanilla hips
  • Lithe+ knees
  • Lithe+ shins
  • Lithe+ hands
  • Lithe+ feet