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11 Ways To Raise Your Vibration


About Me

The Manifestation Coaches are a collaborative venture by established coaches and conscious manifesters Thomas Browne and PrisCilla Wauch-Velez.

Thomas specializes in transformation coaching, he drives his clients to uncover, discover and achieve the best version of themselves throughout his sessions by utilizing various mindsets and core creative strengths. His extensive knowledge alongside his passion to empower offers his clients a unique coaching experience that is highly effective in reaching the desired results.

PrisCilla specializes in energy coaching, she helps her clients to tap into their innate abilities of intuition and natural talents in order to step forward into living the lives that they passionately choose to live. Her mantra for herself and her clients is; 'Passionate Soul - Step into your Flow!'

By combining their coaching strengths and power to consciously manifest, both Thomas and PrisCilla compliment each other. The result is a truly amazing empowerment team who are here to get you to your next level. Now they invite you to manifest the life you truly desire through their highly sought after and effective manifestation courses, that were created by combining their extensive knowledge, experience and coaching skills.
Most importantly they encourage you to enjoy the process to ultimately bring you into alignment with both your true self and true life path with the least resistance by stepping into infinite abundance and possibility.