Mark Reister

I first became interested in real estate when I sold my second home in Perth, WA. It was a positive experience and I made a bit of money from the sale. After returning to my native home state of Victoria, I pursued a career as an estate agent and in 1993 I began with a large and highly respected company, Woodards Real Estate. It was an incredibly steep learning curve, as I'd never sold anything before, but with the help of some great work colleagues and mentors I made a living. I met the love of my life and now wife Trudie while vacationing overseas. We live in Shepparton, which is a small regional city approximately two hours’ drive north of Melbourne, with our two children Chloe and Liam. As a result of the move north, I left Woodards Real Estate after working there for almost seven years. I had a brief break from selling real estate, but my love of real estate has never waned. It was during this break from selling that I became more and more interested in finding out how to buy unlimited investment properties. I say “unlimited” because during my career as an estate agent I had occasionally met buyers who came back to me year after year wanting to buy another investment property. I started off reading numerous books on the subject and attending investment seminars, but whether it was due to a lack of drive on my part or because the information provided was not specific enough, I never turned that information into an investment portfolio. However, having met people who own large investment portfolios, I knew it was possible. How to Buy Unlimited Investment Properties is my first book, and won't be my last. It describes exactly how I reached my goals, including all the failures I had along the way. I am now a part owner of a real estate office, Professionals McNamara, Thompson, Reister. I still love real estate, and will happily talk about the subject with anyone who has a similar interest. I hope you enjoy my first book, and above all that it is beneficial. If you decide to buy investment properties, I hope you reach your goals with a great deal of ease, and that your journey is both rewarding and enjoyable.