Founder Máximo Gómez Nácer, Zoo-Mechanics, Inc. Union City, NJ

There is certain degree of urgency for people to become actively involved in the generation of energy and hydrogen in their own homes and farms. The solar panels and the wind turbines are simply too expensive by comparing the dollars invested and the total amount of power that you get. We cannot control how much wind is going to blow or how many clouds are in the sky but we can decide with certain accuracy how many Watts we want to produce every day. By using the measure of the “horsepower” for example we know we can expect 746 watts per second, 2, 68 megawatts per hour. If we use more than one horse we can easily produce the equivalent to more than two thousand dollars per DAY! Supervising animal’s work is something that most people can do, it is an inexpensive way to make profits, save oil imports and generate hydrogen. This is just one of solutions proposed here and it is free for you with the acquisition of this book. A franchise opportunity to manufacture this equipment’s to farmers and to sell the hydrogen to the American auto industry is also open.