Daniel N. Silva

With a passion for exploring the planet, Daniel N. Silva has earned a reputation as an advocate for positive change, spreading his inspirational message of exploring the world. As a deeply passionate British travel writer of Brazilian origin, he is infinitely driven by his lifelong mission to empower fellow adventurers to discover the countless beauties this planet has to offer, as well as its diverse cultures. He strongly believes that the more one experiences this wonderful world, the more one's inner world transforms.

Through tried-and-true travel tips, Daniel serves as a worldly mentor to those with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, teaching them the ins and outs of smart travelling, including discovering more, spending less, travelling to the best locations, finding low-cost air fares, effective hitchhiking, and so much more!

Since starting his world-wandering journey, over the years Daniel has travelled throughout the world on various life-altering voyages, including North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia. He has spent most of his career exploring beautiful cities along California’s coast and Las Vegas’ craziness. He has savoured tacos in Tijuana, eaten the delicious acarajé in Salvador, and enjoyed the ultimate cured jamón Ibérico like a Spaniard in Seville. He has learned Russian history in Volgograd, as well as the biblical traditions in Jerusalem.

He has explored Japan by bullet train, from Sapporo to Kagoshima, as well as appreciating Australian nature with its kangaroos, coastal lifestyle and Melbourne’s delicious coffees. Daniel has also tasted durian in Malaysia, dived in Palawan, as well as riding a scooter through the picturesque villages of Lombok, and so much more…

Daniel earned a B.A. in Hospitality Management from the University of Derby, and an M.B.A. in Marketing with Distinction from the University of Sunderland. Heavily inspired by his extensive travels, he is also multilingual and speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese fluently. Daniel also writes about smart travelling on www.megatraveltips.com, sharing tips and experiences while travelling the world.