Aaron Mesenberg

Born in 1973 in Wausau, Wisconsin. Aaron began learning guitar at the age of 15. He attended college with an art major studying extensively on the subjects of music and theory. In his late teen's he made the first of several original discoveries which were the beginning of the Mesenberg Method for Musical Instruction. These discoveries generated the development of his original method for instruction, and over the next 15 years he became the most recommended guitar, bass and drum instructor in the Central Wisconsin area. His band OPTIC won several competitions and received radio play for their album “Dreams of Reality” between the years of 1998-2005, and he still performs music with his wife and daughter in their 1880's Variety Show. His experience in local recording studios and live performances inspired him with the knowledge and skills to create a music/video company, New Eye Productions, along with his wife. In his fully tuned and soundproofed recording studio they wrote, recorded, and produced music and video for several area artists. He has also hosted several music related community events in the central Wisconsin area since 1998. Aaron Mesenberg has dedicated the past 25 years to instructing and perfecting his Method. He has provided professional private instruction services, offered innumerable performance opportunities to his students, supported and hosted numerous musical events, written and recorded many original songs not only for himself but also other artists, as well as compiling and producing many original songs for students and other area artists. He is currently in the writing process, completing his original method Lesson Book Series