Mia McCall - Career Coach & Entrepreneur

I'm Mia McCall and years ago I decided to reinvent myself. Disillusioned with corporate life, fed up with constantly trading my happiness for a career, I decided to quit my long-term, cushy job in search of something more meaningful.

The problem was - I had no plan whatsoever.

I knew my career needed a major overhaul but, I had no idea 'WTF I should do with myself.' Instead of trying to find the answers to the tough questions, I looked for ways to take my mind off this "little problem" of being planless. Shopping. Travelling. Drinking. Your run-of-the-mill numbing activities. It was kinda fun, but not for long.

Then a financial wake-up call and saw myself jumping into another "career shit" - unable to address the limiting beliefs I had about what my life was supposed to be like.

But once the pain of staying in the job I despised with a passion, surpassed my fear of changing careers again, I dove head-first into finding my calling. I read every book and blog about the career change. I hired a life coach for a year-long program and learned to let go of what I thought was my career identity: Frustrated-As-Hell-Mondays-Hater.

Today I enjoy two careers: as a co-founder & consultant of multiple startups and ventures (love this creative phase when a new idea takes a physical shape into a new business), and a life/career coach. I'm passionate about supporting women to thrive in their work and helping them reinvent their careers into something they love.

I love what I do every day!