Mind Bender

Mind Bender is a book that will break your mind. Intelligence will be tested.
Are you a genius?
Can you become a Mind Bender?

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What is Mind Bender?
Bender Minds are complicated books that force you to think. While reading a Mind Bender, your goal is to find the hidden treasure by solving complicated and sophisticated mysteries.

Each of the Original Mind Bender is unique. Each original Mind Bender has unique mysteries. No two Mind Bender is similar.

Mind Bender is much more difficult than Einstein's Riddle.

The Original Mind Bender Books Includes:
Mind Bender - Easy (Easy)
Mind Bender Code 58 - (Almost Impossible)
Mind Bender Crossword (There is a God Level)
Mind Bender Mathematical (For Mathematical Geniuses)

Mind Bender Riddles and Sudoku are for fans who requested simple puzzles. These two books are not true Mind Benders.

How To Solve A Mind Bender?

Step 1: Glance thru the book
Step 2: Understand the patterns
Step 3: Look at the clues
Step 4: Research
Step 5: Rest - Take a Break
Step 6: Combine everything together
Step 7: Find the treasure
Step 8: Announce that you have solved the toughest puzzle.

PS: You have to think like Sherlock Holmes in order to solve a Mind Bender. 

No one has been able to solve a Mind Bender to date.
Will you be the first one to solve a Mind Bender?
Will you find the hidden treasure?

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