Kathleen Todd

Diana Baysinger, MC and Kathleen Todd, MSW came together to share their collective wisdom and experiences through their work helping people heal damaged, broken, and struggling relationships. They are passionate in their belief that all people can learn to create healthy relationships filled with passion and purpose.
Mindful Loving Practical Guidebook for Loving with Passion and Purpose is a companion to the book Mindful Loving: A Guide to Loving with Passion and Purpose. Both are inspired by their work with thousands of couples over the past thirty years. Through their work in marriage and family therapy, sex therapy and relationship coaching, they have learned how important it is to navigate through the challenges, celebrations, and cycles of loving. 
Diana Baysinger, MC is an international coach and consultant. She works with couples, individuals, leaders, teams, academia, and non-profits. An energetic leader, she is both innovative and creative, known for motivating and inspiring others. She engages her clients in building a keen awareness of themselves and helps them produce meaningful results and sustain personal and professional success.
Kathleen Todd, MSW is a life and relationship coach who has been helping people move from pain to a place of wholeness for more than 40 years. She works with each client with respect, honesty, integrity, and professionalism. She serves as a guide to clients in their unique journey to improve their lives and achieve the passion, success and dreams they desire in their lives.
Kathleen is the co-author of “I’m in Charge! A Parenting Strategy to Help You Raise Happy and Cooperative Children” and “The Little Book of Parenting Tools.”