Shunyata on Mindmusic Shop

My Name is Navin. Beside of producing Music , I´m working in spiritual and energetic healing and coaching. With my project Shunyata I can combine all these aspects, by producing so called mindmusic.
Music which is not only nice to listen to, but also using special kinds of sounds, techniques and knowledge from spirituality and science.
Beside of enjoying, mindmusic also has a functunal aspect. It is very good for supporting healing, mediation, relaxing, concentration, creativity, Lucid Dreaming, OBE and many other diffrent purposes.
Doesn´t matter what kind of music, every production has the Effect that your brain-hemispheres get synchronized. This gets you you in a balanced, harmonized and focus, which makes everything you do more effective.
For producing music I´m  combing various psycho- acoustic techniques which all have special influences on the liceners brain while he is listening to the song. Your brainwave patterns are chnaging after 6 minutes
Embedd in these harmonic, unique sound landscapes and journeys, are many production techniques like Brainwave Entrainment, Planet Sound Tuning, 3d headphone surroud or special 3D fieldrecordings. These are recorded in spirituel paleces eg. the Dalai Lama Tempel in Dharamshala (india), during meditations or holy chantings.