Michael J. Tobias

Seek and ye shall find… 11267380_775903339196406_6807279208913039637_n Michael J. Tobias was born and raised in South Carolina. After receiving degrees from Furman University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he served several Baptist and Methodist churches in various positions, including Youth Minister, Education Minister, Associate Pastor, and Pastor. He has also worked at schools, in retail, at a funeral home and at a public library. He has traveled to Europe and the Middle East and wants very much to visit China. If you could send him a plane ticket, he’d appreciate it. His interests include spirituality, world religions, philosophy, quantum mechanics, psychology, biology, and ecology. He plays guitar, uses Xubuntu Linux, is a vegetarian, practices Tai Chi, takes care of a cat named Buddha, and faithfully mows his mother’s lawn. He is the author of Fundamental Problems and From There To Here: A Novel of Discovery. He is currently hard at work on a Young Adult fantasy.