Hi! I'm MrB. A Personalised Holistic Business Development coach. I help both aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs to start up their business from nothing or for those who have started their business into something, to a fully functioning systemised business. I’ve consulted over 20 businesses in a span of 1 year. The reason why the figure is small is because it’s a personalised coaching method. From my experience, no 2 businesses are the same. Every businesses have different set of challenges that they have to go through and I’m there to assist in area that they need help with. Whether it’s the management, marketing and sales, or even their financial cash flow. And I’m so happy and grateful that some businesses who started from nothing, like literally with no products, no brands and no income, has now been earning over thousand dollars a month consistently. There are also businesses who have been earning a 4-figure a month before I came and break their 5-figure when I started to consult them in just few weeks! It's my honour to serve you if you needed my assistance in your business. Talk soon!