Marc Susan

Marc Susan is a Dutch-born second generation Holocaust survivor, artist, imagist poet, photographer, graphic and web designer. He is a seasoned traveler/immigrant and the founding father of EMIGRE MAGAZINE (in the collection of major modern art museums worldwide), as well as the senior editor of the early issues when it still was an independent Avant Garde Paris Review genre publication. In the mid-70s he lived on the Greek island of Santorini working as the first tour guide to regularly cruise around the island. At the time, he painted an exhibit under the name Marco the Pirate. In 1979, he immigrated to the US, first to San Francisco where he studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute, then to Los Angeles where he initiated EMIGRE MAGAZINE, painted, curated art exhibitions, organized the poetry reading event, Beyond Baroque, and studied and practiced web design and screenwriting. He also commuted between Los Angeles and Santorini, where he worked as an internet consultant and web designer participating in the foundation of the island’s first Internet Service Provider. In the late 90s he moved to Ithaca, NY, where among other things, he taught Internet Communication at a nearby college (starting one day after 9/11), and lectured about web design at Cornell University. In 2002, he repatriated to the Netherlands, where he became a theater photographer and organized thematic exhibitions with his work (and that of Sylwia Kuniewska, a young Polish artist). He currently lives and works in The Hague where he publishes books of his own work and many of his talented Facebook friends. His previous publication entitled “The Street Where I Live” - available at - is a compilation of photos taken over a 4-year period, which is an ode to the peaceful multicultural neighborhood where he currently resides. Additionally, he publishes a daily Facebook multi-lingual bulletin for a select group of readers which primarily features non-mainstream news and commentaries with contributions from activists and independent journalists residing in over 50 countries.